Episode 141 Valentines Special- Relationship Master Class Special With Veteran Couples Counselor Ken Brumley

I’ve known Ken Brumley for nearly two decades now. I can honestly say he’s one of the sweetest, kindest, wisest and most beloved men around. To know Ken is to love him.

I’ve been very transparent with you, my audience about my first marriage to the mother of my daughters, Rylan and Abby. Ken was one of the several people who tried to guide the girl’s Mom and I in a direction that might save our marriage.

He’s seen me at my best. He’s seen me at my worst. Hundreds if not thousands of couples have sought out Ken’s wise counsel in the navigation of their marriages, pre-marriages and ending marriages.

In this conversation I tried to tease out those tools and tactics that lead to a successful relationship regardless of the stage. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s, and I hope this message lands somewhere with you in a positive and uplifting way. Thanks for listening.

About Ken

Ken Brumley is the Pastor of GraceWorks Counseling Ministry. A veteran staff member, Ken started his GABC career as the Singles Minister, and after 15 years of serving, elected to focus on pre- and post-marital counseling by launching the GraceWorks Counseling Ministry. Ken holds a B.A. in Music/Voice from East Texas Baptist University and an M.E. with a focus on Marriage & Family Counseling from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Ken enjoys hunting, fly fishing, four-wheeling in Colorado and grandparenting. He serves on the board of Christian Hunters and Anglers Association, an evangelistic outreach ministry to dads and sons/dads and daughters. Ken and his wife, Judy, have two children and five grandchildren.

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