Interview with Sam Smith – Episode 39

An established executive in brand, marketing, and international leadership, Sam Smith was called to utilize the skills he developed in the secular business world as an apparel executive and invest his talents in International Non-profit, Ministry, and Humanitarian Relief.

Sam realized almost immediately the need for compassionate, yet professional, business acumen within Non-profit and Ministry leadership and has since coined the term “Optimizing Ministry”.

God has provided gifts to us all, and it is our job to optimize these gifts to make the biggest impact possible on those we seek to serve.

Since 2007, Sam has used this focus on “Optimizing Ministry” to achieve record results for serving the poor, fundraising, and securing volunteer support as the CEO of Mercy Ships, Medical Ministry International and as the COO of the Lindell Foundation.

In 2019, Sam launched the Hand Up Network to bring decades of experience serving the less fortunate back to his native Texas.  

Sam has been featured on,, The Christian Post, Christianity Today,, Charisma, and Innovate for Jesus

You can always catch Sam at the ready to discuss his passion and love for his Texas A&M Aggies!  Gigem!

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